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Rising Chaos killed by College

2015-11-26 12:38:39 by CRF250

College seperated us, so ...


Idk, don't expect anything knew.


Love you guys. <3

We're still a band, I swear.

2011-08-25 00:57:39 by CRF250

Rising Chaos is still around.

Ernie's not been releasing anything atm though. <3

New member!

2010-12-05 10:42:23 by CRF250


Taylor Curran. He's awesome.
That is all.

Number one.

2010-09-11 18:03:19 by CRF250

Its out. Listen to it.

The frontman gets back in a few days and hopefully he can get those files to me!

Lyrics added to, Heretic and Worthless. Salvation was redone. It pwns, I just need the file.

I plan to stop enhancing the truth in 4, 3, 2, 1.

DaGrape Killer - Watch out for that guy. He's dangerous.

2010-07-14 11:23:59 by CRF250

There once was a lad, in a far off town known simply as DaGrape.
He stalked through the streets shrouded by the night in a dashing velvet cape.
As he killed and slayed the villagers, Oh, he felt he was so great.
And it struck fear in the heart of the many who heard of the infamous DaGrape!

DaGrape killa!!! He's the DaGrape Killa!!!! He'll DaGrape Kill ya! Cuz he's a GaGrape Killa!!!!


Demo for Worthless has been completed.
Salvation was redone, Heretic just needs lyrics, Dark Song needs another guitar part good drums and lyrics, Jigga needs a second guitar and some lyrics.

So yeah.

We are soooo slow.

2010-06-08 20:11:54 by CRF250

Man these songs aren't coming out as fast as they used to....
Jigga was recorded but isn't complete. We didn't record much else. Just dark song. That song isn't done either.

New songs for you all?

2010-05-15 18:03:36 by CRF250

Maybe I'll have 1 to, maybe 4 new songs for you guys.

'Number 1'
lyrics for 'Worthless', 'Heretic' and maaaaybe 'Run to Your God (You Will See)'. (unlikely)
'Run to Your God (You will See)' (unlikely)
And maaaaybe 'Epic Song'. (Very Unlikely)